Keep Your Space Artful – Hide Security Camera Wires

conceal cables artfullyIf you decided not to go with some wireless security cameras, you may want to think about hiding all the wires. If not for safety reasons, at least for aesthetic ones.

We all like to have security camera system, but the last thing you want is to have all sorts of cables that not are only easy to cut, but also don’t look very well. Therefore, you do need to conceal them somehow.

Some of the methods for hiding your security camera wires require a professional help, whereas other need only a bit of effort and or a couple of bucks when buying.

Remember this also: even “wireless” systems may imply a wire for the power supply and you don’t want any wire to get damaged by the elements. Let’s not to mention the part about some intruders may cut the wires and disable your security system altogether (see Kituri supraveghere video – sisteme supraveghere interior si exterior).

  1. The carpet

If you’re placing the security cameras in a low place, concealing all the wiring under the carpet is a great way to go. You may easily hide the wires like this, while keeping it easy to access at the same time. You don’t need to put too much effort into it either.

Important note: if the carpet is glued in place, it may become a bit more challenging to hide the wires under the carpet.

  1. The paint

When you’re thinking about this solution, two problems may come in the way. You do need the wires of your security camera to be tightly snug against the wall or ceiling, where the camera is placed. That’s the first. The second is that you do need to get the paint precisely the same color of your wall or ceiling. That is only if you want to get as accurate and nice in the end.

Best thing about using paint? It’s so easy and simple and you’re not doing anything to the wires, keeping them easy to access even after you painted.

  1. The false ceiling

If your house has some false ceiling, you may easily use it for hiding the wires. You simply thread them through the false ceiling and forward to the power supply. The wires are concealed and you only need to take out the tiles of the false ceiling when you have to replace or check the wiring.

As false ceiling is a typical thing for offices and not so much for a regular house, we think this method isn’t for everyone.

  1. Use the molding/baseboard

When you’re installing a low camera, you may very well hide the wires behind the baseboard. You may do the same thing if you install it near your ceiling, in which case behind the molding is a good solution for hiding the wires. This method may need a bit more effort, but it’s still rather easy to do as it doesn’t imply any drilling whatsoever.

You may carefully take out the baseboard or the molding, as much as you need for the job. You continue by placing the wires of your camera system. You may need to push the wires all the way up into the corner, as you don’t want to compress or catch them.

You finish the job by replacing the molding or the baseboard.

  1. The flexible casing

This is definitely one of the most complicated methods for hiding the wires and you may need some patience and skills for it.

You need to run the camera wiring through the walls, in plastic tubing or flexible casing. You do need to do some drilling, so get the tools and skills you need for it.

The results are impressive, but you need to keep in mind that the wires become almost impossible to reach. Unless you’re some sort of experienced home invader.

Keep in mind that wires are also hard to reach in case of electrical failure. If you still want to go with this method, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get some professional help that has experience in installing camera systems.

  1. Go through the walls/ceiling

In some cases, the power supply or monitor is on the other side of the wall from the camera. In this case, you may have to drill right through on to the other side of the wall, getting the wire pass through it. You do need some technical experience for it and you can’t really install the camera exactly where you need, so keep in mind the downsides.

  1. Go wireless

If none of these methods seems like a good idea for you, don’t hesitate to go with the wireless security systems that eliminate the entire wiring problem. You need to be willing to pay the extra buck as this solution is a bit more expensive, but, on the other hand, they are very easy to install and save you from the wiring problem.


Using vinyl stickers for your business communication

A sticker is a fun way to display your brand colors. Discrete stickers will ensure visibility without being too intrusive visually.

However, you don’t know how to use them or what to do with them… Over the course of this article, I will show the real potential of your custom stickers and prove you their usefulness for your communication!

Feature your stickers on your envelopes

logo stickers

Will you send information to your customers by mail in the near future? Why not include your stickers on your envelopes? Like postal labels, your addressee will recognize your logo when they will receive the letter in their mailbox.

By way of the customization of your stickers, you can also reveal other information relating to your business, such as communicating your presence on various social networks or even feature a positive message, a quote that will make the difference and which will delight your interlocutors.

This will give a real added value to your envelopes that will certainly be read because of their originality!

A great way to have fun is to produce your own stickers. A great way is DIY vinyl printing and cutting. For a selection of the equipment available for DIY’ers, head on to and their Best vinyl cutting machine page. Reading reviews is a good way to get informed.

Stick them on your paper packaging or your bags!

Custom stickers can find their place on your paper packaging or your bags!

gift stickers

On gift paper, it will allow to properly close the paper or seal the gift box.

To be even more original, feature different messages on your stickers. Your customers will choose the sticker with the best suited message based on the person to whom they wish to offer the gift (wife, child, friends, professional…)

This personal and custom touch will surely be talked about!

Paste your logo-sticker on your bags: it will be seen, recognized and gain notoriety.

Decorate your shop according to what’s new

Here are some ideas of stickers to optimize your communication:

  • Your logo: of course, feature your logo on your premises. Pay attention to not overdo it at the risk of boring your customers…
  • A QR Code: This funny bar code will allow your clients to flash it with their smartphone in order to land on the page of your Web site. Go to to generate your QR CODE for free.
  • Indicate the social networks on which you are present.
  • Create original stickers according to the season and event stickers: for Christmas, decorate your labels with ‘Star’ or ‘Father Christmas’ stickers, for Valentine made a print ‘Heart’ stickers and so on… Unleash your imagination!

We hope that these few tips gave you the inspiration for printing your stickers. If you have other ideas, feel free to share!


Adjust Bed Frame and Bedroom Design

There is a wide variety of wooden beds, metal bed frames available for purchase, but finding a suitable bed frame is not as simple as going to a furniture store and choose the first noted. As probably the largest piece of furniture in your room is crucial to this thought though. It is easier to first make a bed to add songs to choose rather than the reverse. There are several factors to consider before buying a bed frame which should greatly help you choose the right one for you.

Believes that the current design of your first room. The design of your room determines whether to choose a bed frame made of wood or metal. A wooden bed frame is best done with a room with a rustic look, while a metal bed frame fits perfectly in a room minimalist design. If you already have furniture, it is best to adapt to what you have in place new documents to the bed frame to make this purchase.

Use the color coordination in the design of your room. There are three ways to coordinate the colors. We are following a monochrome color scheme you choose and use lighter or darker accents for your furniture. We may also use a similar system, you choose colors that are side by side on the color wheel. The most dominant color in your bedroom is the base color and the one next to him can be used as accents or accents for your furniture. Additional regulation is achieved by choosing colors opposite on the color wheel. If color coordination is very important for you to go further by using color psychology. Thus, it is known as a blue aura, which is the reflection and intellectual, while green is a color associated with a calming and relaxing effect.

Size Matters. The size of your room determines the size of the bed can be. There are usually four sizes of mattresses. A super king size is normally sixty-two of seventy-eight inches, king size bed is sixty by seventy eight inches, with a king size bed is fifty-four by thirty inches and a single bed size is thirty by thirty-six inches. If you already have mattress, it is more convenient to buy a bed frame of the same size instead of buying a new bed frame and mattress to go with the cut down on costs. It helps to put the mattress in the room to see if you have enough room for almost everything that is necessary to move the furniture, even if too much space left.


Determine the height of the frame. These things really your preference. There are many things to consider here, as an economy of space and furniture that you want to use. If there is little room to move, it is preferable to choose bed frames that have built storage such as platform bed frames, bed frames high enough to accommodate a number of bins below. In this case, lattice larger than your mattress should be avoided. The height of the bed frame to be ergonomic so you do not have too much of the proposal pillows under your neck to watch TV comfortably. Also consider the height of your ceiling. A bed frame in a long room with a low ceiling makes it look smaller, while the platform bed frame can look in a small room with high ceilings.

The last factor to consider is your lifestyle. Any type of furniture does more than its value when it is supported properly. metal bed frame are preferred by the owners little time to care for furniture, they require little maintenance, and wooden beds, a little more maintenance to keep just nail and wipe often.

Some things really much to consider when buying the bed frame perfect, but it always comes down to what you really want and how you feel to. The above factors do not matter in the end if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Trust your instincts on this.

Apartment Feel Like Home

One of the hardest things to do if you live in an apartment or house is his. Many owners have strict rules on what can and can not do the property and do not want to miss the filing. There are some simple ways to make you feel at home on vacation without the construction of large, even a lot of money. With a style and towers a little creativity, you’ll feel at home in no time.

The lowest cost impact but big update that can make a lease (or any house for that matter) is painting. Most apartments have Stark white walls and can make the space feel cold and empty. Check with your landlord before putting any color on the walls, but most of the properties that do not care if the paint as long as they return to the original color before moving on. If you plan to stay put for several years, painting the walls is a great option. If they are not brave enough to paint all the walls in your bedroom, a significant impact on a mural. Find a wall that creates a separation between the living room and kitchen and even the wall behind his bed in the bedroom and a painting of a bold color. This will give you the space of easy emotion.


When you live in an apartment, the name of the game must be incidental. small additions to each room provides that “looks lived at home. No accessories have to be anything fancy, just stick to the basics. In the bathroom, hang a shower curtain style, color coordination and left the carpet. If you do not like traffic lights change. You can find style lamps in your local hardware store for not much money and have a great impact. Keep your old equipment in a box if its owner does not like your update. This way, you can put the old back-up before leaving. Put a bold, bright comforter on his bed and found a rug that coordinates a burst of personality. Located in the living room carpet, to join a fun photo frames pillows on the coffee tables and side. Another way to make a big impact in the classroom or the hallway is mirrored. Mirrors in space feel larger and have a look elegant and complex.

Sometimes, apartments and rental houses have a look and feel dated and could use a little TLC. If your kitchen cabinets are in serious need of a facelift or the carpet could use replacing, talk to your landlord. If you’re a “do it yourself, some of these smaller projects could easily be the subject of a weekend. Some owners might be willing to refund the cost of materials and even give you a break in your rent for months if not updated. In most cases, owners will be grateful for the work done to property, but they serve better in the long term. You have to live in space to put time and effort making you feel at home helpful, even when renting. It may surprise you what your master gives you, if you’re willing to do the job.

Wall Paint

The walls are always important in your home that need care and attention. You should always spend more time while beautifying your home. With advances in Internet technologies, it is much easier for people to find the wall of the latest ideas and contemporary painting on the Internet. In recent years, people have started using the Internet to find the best paints and painting contractors for your painting projects.

Walls must be such that upon entering your home, you will feel relaxed and calm. There are millions of colors to choose from when it comes to their walls. Today, almost all paint companies has its own website where you can choose from a wide range of ideas to decorate the wall of your home painting project.

Before starting the paint job, you need a set of materials and tools, plus a brush and paint. This will ensure that all is well before the creation colored walls. A visit to a paint store can help you get all the tools and ideas valuable decorative murals. In case you have big budget, you can take help of experts in color, which could help you with the best combination of colors.

One important thing not to miss is the preparation of the surface of the wall before the painting itself. If the wall is already in good shape, go directly to the light background on which you can sprinkle other dark colors. Web is a great source of ideas for impressive wall decoration in your home. If you love to do new things you can do a lot with the texture of the wall.

We recommend that you use good quality paint to ensure a smooth finish on the walls of your home.


Home for your family

You have a design inside when you try to be the best place to showcase talent in the walls. You bring the artists and shows on the wall style. Your use of fabrics and glamorous style, spelling, and they lived. Every year they appear the walls and bright cheerful house so should be drawn. His eye color that after a few months, but they began to appear happy and life. However, modern, wall decor products, you design and style changes at any time you can decorate your.

Modern wall art and wall decorations, paintings, shelves, letters, stickers decoration and many more products around. Too many choices in hand with the most extravagant ways you can decorate the walls. You use a combination of all these products, modern art and decorative design, you can follow the trend. You can create unique designs to build your own beautiful models in many different ways you can use these products. You can use a collection of home decor in the store you can choose a variety of products.

Contemporary wall art, including some great ideas, and use the ideas to life again, you have walls. The picture of a strong concrete walls and art deco wall reflects the concept is an example. Two really great painting pictures and designs coming attractions. You can use your child’s room decoration. You also use the pictures to a specific topic you can design your kids room. Decorative wallpaper is a good choice. This sticker is made with durable, vinyl can be easily applied to smooth surfaces. This sticker is good for you any time you know they will be able to pull out. These stickers will not damage walls.

Add a colorful touch to the friends you want to move to a shelf on the wall should be the shelf on the wall to customize the great ideas and creativity are presented. The shelves to create a custom wall space is available, along with other works of art. You framed family photos can be combined with the bookcase. You also have the precious gift and on the shelves can be placed. Contemporary wall decor and home decor to spice up the interior more flexibility. Decorate your online store for wall art, you can find a nice collection of products.