Keep Your Space Artful – Hide Security Camera Wires

conceal cables artfullyIf you decided not to go with some wireless security cameras, you may want to think about hiding all the wires. If not for safety reasons, at least for aesthetic ones.

We all like to have security camera system, but the last thing you want is to have all sorts of cables that not are only easy to cut, but also don’t look very well. Therefore, you do need to conceal them somehow.

Some of the methods for hiding your security camera wires require a professional help, whereas other need only a bit of effort and or a couple of bucks when buying.

Remember this also: even “wireless” systems may imply a wire for the power supply and you don’t want any wire to get damaged by the elements. Let’s not to mention the part about some intruders may cut the wires and disable your security system altogether (see Kituri supraveghere video – sisteme supraveghere interior si exterior).

  1. The carpet

If you’re placing the security cameras in a low place, concealing all the wiring under the carpet is a great way to go. You may easily hide the wires like this, while keeping it easy to access at the same time. You don’t need to put too much effort into it either.

Important note: if the carpet is glued in place, it may become a bit more challenging to hide the wires under the carpet.

  1. The paint

When you’re thinking about this solution, two problems may come in the way. You do need the wires of your security camera to be tightly snug against the wall or ceiling, where the camera is placed. That’s the first. The second is that you do need to get the paint precisely the same color of your wall or ceiling. That is only if you want to get as accurate and nice in the end.

Best thing about using paint? It’s so easy and simple and you’re not doing anything to the wires, keeping them easy to access even after you painted.

  1. The false ceiling

If your house has some false ceiling, you may easily use it for hiding the wires. You simply thread them through the false ceiling and forward to the power supply. The wires are concealed and you only need to take out the tiles of the false ceiling when you have to replace or check the wiring.

As false ceiling is a typical thing for offices and not so much for a regular house, we think this method isn’t for everyone.

  1. Use the molding/baseboard

When you’re installing a low camera, you may very well hide the wires behind the baseboard. You may do the same thing if you install it near your ceiling, in which case behind the molding is a good solution for hiding the wires. This method may need a bit more effort, but it’s still rather easy to do as it doesn’t imply any drilling whatsoever.

You may carefully take out the baseboard or the molding, as much as you need for the job. You continue by placing the wires of your camera system. You may need to push the wires all the way up into the corner, as you don’t want to compress or catch them.

You finish the job by replacing the molding or the baseboard.

  1. The flexible casing

This is definitely one of the most complicated methods for hiding the wires and you may need some patience and skills for it.

You need to run the camera wiring through the walls, in plastic tubing or flexible casing. You do need to do some drilling, so get the tools and skills you need for it.

The results are impressive, but you need to keep in mind that the wires become almost impossible to reach. Unless you’re some sort of experienced home invader.

Keep in mind that wires are also hard to reach in case of electrical failure. If you still want to go with this method, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get some professional help that has experience in installing camera systems.

  1. Go through the walls/ceiling

In some cases, the power supply or monitor is on the other side of the wall from the camera. In this case, you may have to drill right through on to the other side of the wall, getting the wire pass through it. You do need some technical experience for it and you can’t really install the camera exactly where you need, so keep in mind the downsides.

  1. Go wireless

If none of these methods seems like a good idea for you, don’t hesitate to go with the wireless security systems that eliminate the entire wiring problem. You need to be willing to pay the extra buck as this solution is a bit more expensive, but, on the other hand, they are very easy to install and save you from the wiring problem.


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