Using vinyl stickers for your business communication

A sticker is a fun way to display your brand colors. Discrete stickers will ensure visibility without being too intrusive visually.

However, you don’t know how to use them or what to do with them… Over the course of this article, I will show the real potential of your custom stickers and prove you their usefulness for your communication!

Feature your stickers on your envelopes

logo stickers

Will you send information to your customers by mail in the near future? Why not include your stickers on your envelopes? Like postal labels, your addressee will recognize your logo when they will receive the letter in their mailbox.

By way of the customization of your stickers, you can also reveal other information relating to your business, such as communicating your presence on various social networks or even feature a positive message, a quote that will make the difference and which will delight your interlocutors.

This will give a real added value to your envelopes that will certainly be read because of their originality!

A great way to have fun is to produce your own stickers. A great way is DIY vinyl printing and cutting. For a selection of the equipment available for DIY’ers, head on to and their Best vinyl cutting machine page. Reading reviews is a good way to get informed.

Stick them on your paper packaging or your bags!

Custom stickers can find their place on your paper packaging or your bags!

gift stickers

On gift paper, it will allow to properly close the paper or seal the gift box.

To be even more original, feature different messages on your stickers. Your customers will choose the sticker with the best suited message based on the person to whom they wish to offer the gift (wife, child, friends, professional…)

This personal and custom touch will surely be talked about!

Paste your logo-sticker on your bags: it will be seen, recognized and gain notoriety.

Decorate your shop according to what’s new

Here are some ideas of stickers to optimize your communication:

  • Your logo: of course, feature your logo on your premises. Pay attention to not overdo it at the risk of boring your customers…
  • A QR Code: This funny bar code will allow your clients to flash it with their smartphone in order to land on the page of your Web site. Go to to generate your QR CODE for free.
  • Indicate the social networks on which you are present.
  • Create original stickers according to the season and event stickers: for Christmas, decorate your labels with ‘Star’ or ‘Father Christmas’ stickers, for Valentine made a print ‘Heart’ stickers and so on… Unleash your imagination!

We hope that these few tips gave you the inspiration for printing your stickers. If you have other ideas, feel free to share!


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